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LadyColour “Venus” Shooting Star & Hollow-out Design Heart Sapphire Pendant Necklace, Made With Swarovski Crystals, Engraved With “I Love You To The Moon and Back”


▲Specifications: 1.Chain Length:16″ plus 2″, Pendant Height: 1″, Width: 9/10″. | 2. Stone: Crystals from Swarovski. Stone Color: Bermuda blue. | 3.Eco-friendly Rhodium Plated Zinc alloy,Lead-Free & Nickle-Free,Passed Swiss SGS Inspection Standard.

Women, being from Venus, have a reputation for being the first to spring “I love you” in romantic relationships.Heart-shaped symbols are synonymous with “LOVE”,it’s absolutely a great gift for you to express your love.This “Venus” Jewelry made with crystals from Swarovski,which makes this women jewelry sparkling,elegant and absolutely eye catching,this on-trend silhouette demonstrates Swarovski’s craftsmanship at its best.Swrovski crystals add infinite brilliance to everything they embellish.

LadyColour Jewelry is committed to providing the best jewelry and customer service to our customers,your feedback is our motivation to improve.We strive for your five star feedback.To keep up with our latest items,sales and promotions,add this elegant jewelry to your Wish List.Thank you.

LadyColour Jewelry care tips:
Rub your LadyColour Jewelry with baby wipes:they perform miracles on crystal jewelry.Then rub with a clean dry soft cotton cloth to bring back the shine.Put it inside a soft cloth pocket or fabric swath,avoid it from rubbing against other jewelry.

LadyColour Jewelry Designing Philosophy:
1.Every woman is an innocent child.They are eager to feel the brilliant and beautiful world.Be brave to pursue the beautiful fairy tale in your heart,because it is the privilege of being a woman!
2.Jewelry itself has no value,but the jewels which can make women shining are priceless!
3.Ordinary jewelry is mundane.Elegant jewelry is noticeable and memorable.Crystal jewelry is worn and adored by women all over the world.

You could click on “LadyColour Jewelry” to see our other jewelries,there are more affordable and beautiful designs for your choice.Thank you.

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Wild Irish Heart (The Mystic Cove Series)


It is time… An ancient book, a power untouched, and a heart unloved lead Keelin O’Brien from her graduate studies in Boston to a small village on the coast of Southern Ireland. Determined to unearth the secrets lying hidden in the enchanted waters of the cove, Keelin has little time for a surly Irishman who infuriates her during the day and haunts her fantasies at night. Inexplicably drawn to the woman who has stepped from his dreams and into his world, Flynn fights a stubborn battle against his increasing attraction for Keelin. Forces unknown have better plans for the two. Only the secrets of the cove can show Keelin who she really is, the beauty of her mysterious power, and a love that will break the bounds of what she knows. From New York Times Bestselling author, Tricia O’Malley, comes a new romance series set on the rocky shores of Ireland.

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Barrette for girls Barrettes for kids loveliness handwork hair barrettes for girls


Loveliness,perfect fit for girls.
products are well-made by good quality cloth.
Safety Packaging
Before the goods shipping out, they will be put into a valve bag which is soft and not easily damaged.
The valve bag can ensure the goods will not get wet,and make sure it’s in good condition when buyers receive them.

Product Features

  • Material: Nonwovens,Cloth,Metal
  • Lovely simulation hair clips,use environmental protection material, safe environmental protection
  • Beautiful hair accessories,best gifts for your daughter or niece
  • WARNING: Small parts can choke a child if they become detached, adult supervision required.

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How to Create the Relationship of Your Dreams: Transforming Your Love-Life into a Fairytale by Unleashing the ‘Real You’ Trapped Within


Whether single or partnered, nearly everyone desires to create a dream relationship. Yet despite what people want, almost every relationship falls far short because we are stuck in our ego survival strategies. We use approval seeking behaviours to get love and validation from our partners instead of learning to love ourselves and self-validate. We use avoidance behaviours with our partners instead of expressing who we really are by saying and doing exactly what we want. Then we use blame and judgment when our partners don’t give us the dream that we wanted instead of loving them unconditionally.

Compatibility does make a difference in the quality of a relationship, but you can’t create a dream relationship by finding the most compatible partner. Instead, you create it by learning to generate happiness and fulfillment from within yourself. You create it by learning to freely express your personality, assert your desires, enforce your boundaries, and state your opinions, feelings, and vulnerabilities. You create it by letting go of anger and judgment, and creating a safe environment for your partner to be who they are with you. These are skillsets that anyone can learn, and this book will give you the knowledge and tools to do it.

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HipGirl Boutique Girls Pony Holder Value Pack (10pc 3.5″ Pinwheel Bow Pony Holders)


HipGirl 3.5″ pinwheel bow pony holders. Made of 1.5″ grosgrain ribbon. Ouchless pony holder.

Product Features

  • HipGirl 3.5″ pinwheel bow pony holders.
  • Made of 1.5″ grosgrain ribbon. Ouchless pony holder.

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The Love Poems of Rumi


Born Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Balkhi in Persia early in the thirteenth century, the poet known as Rumi (named after the city where he lived) composed works of mysticism and desire that inspired countless people in his own time and throughout the centuries. His poems expressed the deepest longings of the human heart for its beloved, for that transcendent intimacy which is the source of the divine.

This slender, beautiful volume consists of new translations by Farsi scholar Fereydoun Kia, edited by Deepak Chopra to evoke the rich mood and music of Rumi’s love poems. Exalted yearning, ravishing ecstasy, and consuming desire emerge from these poems as powerfully today as they did on their creation more than 700 years ago.

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Advice Wednesday: We’ve Been Sexting For 6 Months But He Doesn’t Want A Relationship (Or To Meet Up)


Effie asks: I met a guy online six months ago and we’ve been texting and emailing ever since. From early on, he made it clear that he found me very attractive as he sent me a picture of himself, you know, naked, and he wanted us to talk about what we would do to each other. I haven’t been involved with many guys and from what I hear, this is what people have to do now so even though I had my reservations, I sent him photos of myself. If I’m honest, I thought that this was a prelude to us being together properly but six months on and a lot of excuses, we have not actually met up yet. We don’t live far from each other (less than 30 minutes) and we clearly have a strong connection. I decided to tell him how I feel and he told me that he doesn’t feel the same way and that he thought it was clear that we were both having fun. I’ve also found out that he has a girlfriend. What does this all mean? Why am I the sideline chick? Where did I go wrong?


Effie, I need you to tell this story in an entirely different way: Six months ago, you were introduced via a dating site to this man who you still do not know from Adam. He sent you a picture of his pecker and you took that to be a declaration of how much attraction he felt for you, as if people only send pictures of their genitals because of how much they feel for somebody. On some level you’ve had some misgivings about exchanging sexy messages or in fact any messages with this man but have played along because you think that this is what dating in 2016 is like. This has continued for six months and you have assumed that the reason it’s continuing is because you have a connection and are building up to being together, but instead he has told you that your feelings aren’t reciprocated plus a bit of detective work has revealed that he has a girlfriend. It means that he’s bad news and to stop being used.

The truth is, you knew that this situation smelt more than a little funky but you doubted you and it’s also allowed you to delay on having to show up for a real relationship. We accept so much less when we are grappling with feelings of loneliness but also when there is a part of us that is afraid of having to fully put ourselves out there.

He has reaped the benefits of you being that dangerous cocktail of being too nice, naive and non-confrontational.

If you met someone tomorrow and you chatted to them for let’s say 10 minutes and exchanged, oh I don’t know, 750-1000 words, would you think it was strange if the next thing that came out of their mouth was an invitation to look at their privates or a request to look at yours. You’d probably think it was even stranger if you had that conversation, went to the bathroom and came back to find them with their pants down. Why do you think that this is even remotely okay with someone you haven’t even met in real life? If the expectation is to exchange sexy photos early on in the proceedings, what do you do a month or few in?

Sex is not an automatic precursor to being in a fully-fledged relationship. Neither is exchanging sexy photos. You don’t have to want or be in a mutually fulfilling loving relationship to do these things but if you only do these things as part of that, then you don’t share that part of you when it’s not.

You’re not being prudish or judgemental. You have agency over your body and what you do with it. If someone tells you to jump off a bridge, would you? No. Well just because somebody sends you a nude shot doesn’t mean that you’re obliged to send the same.

The truth is, if you live less than 30 minutes away and have been texting/emailing for a few weeks never mind six months, something isn’t right.

Someone who is interested in you, male or female, doesn’t spend six months sexting with you and dodging meeting up.

When someone is interested in you and for the right reasons, they make good on those intentions instead of languishing with you in an ambiguous state where they get to get their rocks off without having to pony up any real effort. They won’t put you in the position of demeaning you in any way or accentuating a state of confusion.

Hard as it may be to admit, you knew that he had a girlfriend or at the very least, that he wasn’t available. When you think about what pretending that you didn’t already know what you know afforded you, you will see that pretending that more was going on than in reality, protected you from having to show up in real life.

You ask why you’re the sideline chick and it’s because you participated. It’s not because it’s who you are or because you’re not worthy of being better but because you didn’t tell him to take a run and jump earlier in the proceedings. You asked little questions.

Telling someone how you feel after sexting with them for a few months is like closing the door after the horse has bolted.

He is talking poor foolishness saying that he thought it was clear that it was just fun. No, it was clear that he was using you and is now trying to call it “fun”.

You haven’t made one false move and made an available guy into this guy. He’s who he was at the start, middle and end. You didn’t have the wherewithal to understand who he was and draw your line. You do now.

This is an involvement that never got past stage 0. This is a fantasy involvement. Use this experience as a wake-up call to look into what it is that has you afraid of intimacy. When you can deal with your past hurts, you will not be prepared to accept crumbs and call them a loaf.

And cut him off, fast. You are not his plaything. You are not an option.

Have you been involved in an ambiguous email/text situation where you felt as if you were forging a relationship or even in one, only to find that they didn’t feel the same way? What would you advise Effie to do here?

Each Wednesday, I help a reader to solve a dilemma. To submit a question, please email advicewednesdayAT If you would prefer your question to be featured on the podcast, drop a line to podcast AT Keep questions below 200 words.





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Bamos Jewelry White Opal Black Gold Halloween Engagement Wedding Best Friend Rings for Womens Size 6-10


Please Read the Purchase Notes for Customers

If you have any quality issues, please contact us first,we’ll respond within 24hrs and solve the problem with your most satisfied way.

Jewelry Maintenance and Precautions

1. Please avoid chemicals,cosmetics,wine,acid and alkali;
2. Don’t expose your jewelry under strong sunlight or high temperature to avoid metal or stone color fade;
3. Please take it off when taking shower, washing hands or dishes and taking excising;
4. Pls wipe your jewelry with clean soft cloth.
About the Size Measurement

The paper measurement is intended for reference only. We would like to suggest you have your finger sized at a jewelry store for an accurate ring size.

If you have any questions, please click it in “Customer Questions & Answers “,you’ll get more help from us or other customers who bought this ring.

Product Features

  • ✦ Item type: royal marquise cut white fire opal white diamonds black gold crystal rings for her women girls best friend engagement wedding birthday and any special day ✦ they have great quality as they almost as no quality issues
  • ✦ The white fire nile opal promise eternity best friend engagement wedding set black gold rings set for womens and young girls is the better choise ✦ The design of black gold is behalf of your eternal friendship love and affection ✦ the perfect design makes you looks prettier in person ✦ this fashion black gold ring is very popular with girls fashion lady and women
  • ✦ All Occasion wear this ring for festival day halloween thanks giving day christmas best friend wedding engagement anniversary birthday party couple rings for noble elegant fashion women lady and young girls are the best choose
  • ✦ This royal white fire opal white cubic zirconia ring is a wonderful gift in any occasions whether you send the gift to wife girlfriend families friends classmates or colleagues ✦ it will be the best choice to daily life ✦ They come with free gift box
  • ✦ Note: due to the difference between different monitors ✦ the Item picture will be have color differences ✦ We guarantee the style is the same ✦ More beautiful jewelry style please click in “Bamos Jewelry”

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14k Diamond with Screw Back and Post Stud Earrings (J-K Color, I2-I3 Clarity)


Product Features

  • All our diamond suppliers confirm that they comply with the Kimberley Process to ensure that their diamonds are conflict free
  • Made in United States

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OJIA 12pcs Stainless Steel Manicure Pedicure Set ,Travel & Grooming Set, Personal Care Tools, Nail Scissors Nail Clippers Kit with Leather Case


What it is:
A twelve-piece mini nail manicure pedicure set with all the essentials to keep your fingers and toes perfectly pretty. 

What it does:
File, nip, and clip even while you’re away from home with this set of must have nail-perfecting tools. The soft touch handles make achieving a perfect manicure and pedicure easy and comfortable. The kit also includes tweezers and scissors for precise touch-ups. The clutch is lined in brown velvet to preserve the integrity of your tools and the chic PU leather exterior will have you excited to show off your set. 

This set contains:

Two nail clippers: increased cutting force and special polishing technology to assure clean and easy nail trimming. There are a large one and a smaller one for different nail sizes.
One toenail clipper: specially designed for trimming hard toenails.
One cuticle trimmer: ideal blade structure and angle for effectively trimming cuticles. Perfect for exfoliation treatment around finger nails.
One tweezer for removing unwanted hair.
One pair of beauty scissors for eyebrow trimming.
One nail file.
One single-edged double-sided push stick.
One V-shaped push stick.
One ear pick.
One pealing knife
One double-Sided Blackhead Removal Needle and Loop
All those 12 tools are gathered in a delicate leather case.

What this Kit can do for you:

Great for traveling
A perfect gift for that special person
Combines 12 essential tools for everyday grooming and hygiene needs
Lasts a lifetime

Product Features

  • Made from 100% high grade stainless steel
  • Material of the box: PU leather
  • The set contains: nail scissors, nail clippers, cuticle pusher, nail file, tweezers, toe nail clippers, and cuticle trimmers.
  • Great for Traveling use. Gifts. Favors & more
  • Approximate Size 15.5*8.5CM

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