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3.60ct Natural Untreated Burmese Ruby Platinum Ring with 1.44cts of Round Brilliant Diamonds

Rubies and diamonds at their best come together in the most classic-timeless design. Natural untreated Burmese rubies are probably the rarest gemstone money can buy. The most expensive rubies have brought some of the highest prices in auction history. That?s because they are extremely rare and of course incredibly beautiful. This natural ruby ring is surrounded by perfectly cut white diamonds, set in platinum in a hand crafted setting. 200 years ago this ruby ring was timeless, and 200 years from now it will remain. Owning this stunning piece of art and rarity from mother earth will bring happiness and beauty to the woman who wears it.

Product Features

  • Natural Ruby (not lab created)
  • Gemological Report Included
  • Gift Packaging
  • Flexible Return Policy
  • Made in the USA

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