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Biutee Salon Designs Nail Art Stamping Kit Bundle with 10 Manicure Plate Set, Polish Stamper and Scraper (10Pcs)


Nail Art Polish Stamping Manicure Kit
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10 Plate Set with Stamper and Scraper by Salon Designs: This professional set
includes 10 unique plates, scraper, and stamper
everything you need to create your own beautiful nail art.
Each stainless steel plate features 6 to 10 designs and comes with a protective blue film.
This kit saves you time and money- no more trips to the salon!
Includes a mix of individual images, full nail, and french tip designs.

Product Features

  • Includes 10 unique plates with 6 to 10 designs on each plate
  • Remove protective blue film from stainless steel plates before use
  • Includes stamper and scraper- ready to use
  • Easy to follow directions on package
  • Plates measure 3 inches

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