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Bridesmaid for Hire: A Valentine’s Day Romance


I swear I wasn’t looking for a man. I sure as hell wasn’t looking for a groom of my own. You know the phrase, always a bridesmaid? Well, that’s me to a tee. In fact, I’ve made a career out of being a bridesmaid. And not just any bridesmaid. I’ll be your best friend through the entire wedding process. You need a BFF to throw your baby shower? Boom, I’m on it. You need a girl you can trust to arrange the stripper for the bachelorette? I’m all over it. You need a wedding planner, soul sister, loyal woman warrior who’s got your back no matter what? The one bridesmaid who will never, ever let you down on your special day? I’m your girl. Do I ever get tired of being the bridesmaid? Do I ever wish it was me waltzing down the aisle, the man of my dreams waiting lovingly at the altar? Ehh, hell-to-the-no. Been there, done that, got the heartbreak. After the way I got burned, I’d rather die than go through that torture ever again. Until this one. The wedding that changed everything. A Valentine’s Day Wedding. And one brother of the groom who will not take his fierce, sexy eyes off me.

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