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Carmel Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet, Stainless Steel Aromatherapy Locket Bracelets Leather Band Rose Gold, Jewelry Gift Set for Women Girls, 48 styles from 6 Faces 8 Color Pads (Extended Edition)


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     Why Carmel Aromatherapy Jewelry Bracelet ?

🌼 Our unique Extended Edition Essential Oil Diffusing Bracelet offers 48 style variations, with not one but – 6 face designs and 8 cotton pads to choose from.
🌼 For extra safety, our lid comes with an O-ring, as well as increased thread count. it also prevents leakage of essential oil to your skin.
🌼 Premium materials: Our essential oil locket bracelet is Hypo-allergenic, for sensitive skin. our band is made of quality leather, soft, comfortable, and sparkling. is light weight and offers adjustable bangle sizes.
🌼 With our unique design, you are able to align the face design in any direction, our perfect stress relief gifts for women.
🌼 Our 8 cotton pads are reusable, and washable.
🌼 Watch your email for our FREE eBook. our stress relief Aromatic Meditation & Affirmation

     How To Use:

🌼 Place a cotton pad in the locket, and drop 2-3 essential oil drops on the pad.
🌼 Place one of the six faces on the pad, and screw the lid to the locket.
🌼 With our unique design you can choose the direction the design faces, by  rotating it before tightening the lid. wearable on both arm.

     Gift Set Includes:

🌼 1 Bracelet
🌼 6 Face Designs
🌼 8 Cotton Pad
🌼 1 Gift Box
🌼 1 FREE eBook

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Product Features

  • ❤️【 ANXIETY and STRESS RELIEF 】 our anxiety ease essential oils aromatherapy diffuser bracelets for women reliefs stress and tension. Simply drop 2-3 essential oil drops into it, and wear it with one of our 6 face designs, to sooth your everyday experience. FREE eBook – Aromatic Meditation and Affirmation technique.
  • 🧡【 ADJUSTABLE and LIGHTWEIGHT 】 our infuser bracelets for essential oils has 6 holes to easily adjust to your wrist size. offering a wide diameter range from 1.65 in (4.2 cm) to 2.4 in (6 cm). our extremely lightweight design weights at only 19 gram making it very comfortable to wear.
  • 💛【 48 COMBINATIONS 】 we offer – 6 face designs and 8 cotton pads thus 48 variations, to fit any mood, occasion, or event. our face designs include: Tree of Life (2 styles), Mandala, Auspicious Clouds, Rose, Butterfly. and pad colors: red, pink, purple, orange, blue, green, brown, yellow.
  • 💚【 PREMIUM QUALITY 】 hypoallergenic surgical grade 316 stainless steel, for sensitive skin. durable soft leather. reusable and washable cotton pads. and our gorgeous gift box makes a perfect gift for birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day, mother’s day, and holiday.
  • 💙【 EXTRA SECURITY  】 to ensure a tight lock, our lid comes with an O-ring, and our locket with an increased thread count. also preventing leakage of essential oil to your skin.

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