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Couples bible study: How a biblical recipe can help us have a sacred, Christ-centered, Christian marriage. God’s way for devotional couples who want joyful, healthy relationships.


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If you want a sacred marriage, a healthy and joyful relationship, accompanied by the presence of God, full of love and holiness, then keep reading.

It is not always easy to have happy days with your spouse. There are many obstacles that can arise in the relationship. Problems at work, problems with the family, with parents, health problems, unforeseen events and much more can put a strain on your union.

Marriage takes a lot of work. While it would be nice to find someone to love and be with forever, without having to worry about any fights or challenges at all. But when you bring two people together, there are going to be times when they disagree, and they won’t be willing to give in all of the time.

This guidebook is your tool to help you resolve some of the big problems that can creep into your marriage, and into your life. Looking at how to include God into your marriage as the foundation, and discussing some of the ways the Bible views your marriage, will help you to be set to face any issue or challenge that come your way in the marriage. Some of the topics that we will discuss in this guidebook to help guide your marriage include:

You, your marriage, and your relationship with God.A look at marriage with a look at Genesis and other parts of the Bible.Understanding what love is, what true love is.How to protect the sanctity of marriage.The praying spouse.How the Bible takes on the topic of intimacy.How to lay the perfect foundation for a strong marriage with your spouse.Why holding grudges is bad and how to use forgiveness to set you free.Understanding divorce and what it can do for the Holy marriage.Where exactly is God when hurting kicks in.God is always with us.Some more questions and answers that will help you and your spouse connect even more.

Even if there are times you feel very distant from God, or your spouse, you will be able to connect with them again, and you will have your healthy and joyful relationship.

Working on your marriage is something that takes some time and effort. It isn’t going to just happen or you overnight. But with the discussions in this guidebook, you and your spouse will have the tools needed to make your marriage stronger than ever before.

Scroll up and click on the “buy now” button and get ready to improve your marriage thanks to God’s way.

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