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Flexible Dieting IIFYM Box Set #1 Flexible Dieting 101 + The Flexible Dieting Cookbook: 160 Delicious High Protein Recipes for Building Healthy Lean Muscle & Shredding Fat


Lose Weight, Get Shredded & Build Lean Muscle Eating The Foods YOU Love THE ULTIMATE BOX SET TO BUILD THE BODY OF YOUR DREAMS Presenting To You An Enjoyable, Sustainable Diet Designed Primarily For Results… No BS Here Is A Preview Of What Flexible Dieting 101 Contains… •Debunking of the ‘clean eating’ myth, why the ‘diets’ you are lead to believe work actually don’t •Why Flexible Dieting is quickly becoming the #1 method for sustainable weight loss and muscle gain •I will explain WHY and HOW you can eat your favourite foods while achieving the physique of your dreams •The #1 reason why starving yourself will actually make you GAIN weight (shocking answer!) •WARNING: how your metabolism may be damaged from previous dieting attempts and how to fix this •The difference between weight loss and fat loss and its importance to you •How to accurately track your progress without using those inaccurate scales •The realistic expectations of weight loss and muscle gain, how quickly you will expect to see results •The ONLY supplements I personally recommend and use to help you on this journey, no more wasting money on expensive pixy dust or weight loss pills that promise you the world •How to EFFECTIVELY overcome the weight loss and fat loss plateaus •Why cardio is a waste of time!! •My favourite Flexible Dieting recipes, SIMPLE to make and taste delicious! •How to accurately calculate the amount of food and calories you should be eating each day, specifically tailored for you •A comprehensive explanation of macronutrients and micronutrients and their importance •Why you don’t have to eat every 2 hours like your nutritionists tells you •Tips and tricks from my personal experience after living and breathing the Flexible Dieting lifestyle for years •Much, much more! The Flexible Dieting Cookbook: 160 Delicious High Protein Recipes for Building Healthy Lean Muscle & Shredding Fat all of the meals within this book are EASY and INEXPENSIVE to make, you don’t need to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen, delicious meals designed to help you achieve your fitness goals are only minutes away. Each recipe states the number of calories, with a macronutrient breakdown into Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats. This is far more than just a recipe book, I will explain how you tracking your macronutrients while eating these delicious meals will help you achieve the body of your dreams. The measurements and temperatures for each recipe stated within this book are in both metric and imperial, suitable for worldwide use! Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn to Cook… 25 delicious breakfasts such as Protein Pancakes, Vanilla Protein Porridge, Big Breakfast Pizzas, Apple Crisps, Breakfast Fajitas Mouth-watering main meals including Thai Spiced Chicken Beef and Basil, Protein Pumpkin Pie, Creamy Artichoke Chicken, Tuna Melt, Advacado Lime Chicken, Lean Turkey Meatloaf, Teriyaki Salmon Low calorie snacks and desserts including Protein Puddings, Amino Acid Jelly, Protein Snickers, Peanut Butter Ice Cream, High Protein Cheesecake, Protein Donuts Quick and convenient smoothies and shakes such as – Berry Blast, Chocolate Cookie Butter Mass Gainer, Banana Bread smoothies, Mocha Frappuccinos Sides including Low Calorie Chocolate Sauce, Tuna Dip, Shrimp Sliders, Cinnamon Sweet Potato Fries, Clean Protein Nutella Spread It’s Time To Build The Body Of Your Dreams

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  • Flexible Dieting Iifym Box Set 1 Flexible Dieting 101 the Flexible Dieting Cookbook 160 Delicious High Protein Recipes for Building Healthy Lean M

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