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Honest Relationship Advice from a Former F*ckboy: Answering Your Questions


Have you ever wondered what a guy is really thinking about you whether dating or in a relationship?
Are you seeking answers to finding ways of improving your relationship or healing from a tough breakup? Described as ‘Raw Truth for the Soul’, the book explores a man’s most intimate thoughts about relationships, love, dating and healing from broken relationships. Here’s a sampling of some of the 199 questions that the book answers:

Why do guys always move on so quickly?

Is it too much to expect my man not to watch porn?

Any advice for guys who are starting to confront and meet their emotions? What should be their first step?

How do I get to know an introvert better when I am an extrovert? They aren’t too forthcoming

I am shy when it comes to flirting or trying to meet a guy. Suggestions?

Why are men so afraid to be vulnerable? It’s exhausting to deal with.

What does it mean when a man is silent about problems in the relationship? Is it a technique?

My husband is still friends with his ex-girlfriend from 12 years ago. Why does it bother me so much?

Can you learn to love yourself while dating someone? Always been curious about this…

I’m dating a guy with masculinity issues. I know he cares for me a lot, but I do want to point out his issues. Thoughts?

How do you get through to your boyfriend who went behind your back, lied, and cheated on you?

How can I stop missing the person who broke my heart? The feeling of loss feels so strong?

What should I do if my ex wants to try and reignite the flame we had? We have a kid together?

I am so angry. How can I overcome this feeling? He broke up with me four months ago.

I am heartbroken. Will I ever find love again?

How can I forget a toxic relationship with a man who hurt me quite a bit?

How can I get into the dating mindset after being hurt so much? Will I be able to love someone again, as much as I loved the last person?

How can I handle feeling lonely?

How can I build my self-confidence?

How can I stop stereotyping all men as cheaters?

Just curious, why do people say you need to love yourself before you can love others?

How can I change my opinion about guys, I think they are all the same… f*ckboys.

How do you find the motivation to date when it feels like a waste of time and energy?

I’ve never had anything besides abusive relationships. Any tips going forward?

I’ve been told I am a catch, that I’m smart, attractive, I’m no drama and I have a great career, but men do not pursue? Why?

How do you get on the road to self-love?

Myles Scott, this dude knows what he’s talking about. He has superb insight and he’s very open about sharing EVERY part of a man’s mind to the world which is what us women need to help better understand things so we can help to evolve the next generation. I can sense a lot of love and work went into this. So yeah, great job. Oh and also this! Lol Alrighty. I read The Mind of a Man (section). And i have something vulnerable to share with you. I believe what i just read possibly gave me confirmation to save my marriage. Which is what I have been praying about for some time. — A preview reader

Immensely beneficial
… opened my eyes and put many of my past experiences into perspective, and prepared me for new future ones. I feel confident moving forward with any relationships that I have. Thank you, I highly suggest reading! — A preview reader

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