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IIFYM & Flexible Dieting: The Ultimate Beginner’s Flexible Calorie Counting Diet Guide To Eat All The Foods You Love, If It Fits Your Macros And Still Build Muscle, Burn Fat And Lose Weight


This way of dieting has been gaining vast popularity and chances are you’ve heard of it. If you’ve done any research on IIFYM & Flexible Dieting in the past you’ve, perhaps, realized that no foods are off limits. No food groups are labeled good or bad for you. What matters, in this style of dieting, is if your macro budget has room for the foods you want to eat. If so then you’re in the clear! So how did this type of dieting come about? Well, bodybuilder’s in the old days simply got tired of eating the same bland foods when preparing for a competition. They ate the kind of food that scares people away from attempting to lose weight in the first place! These boring, clean meals, included chicken, broccoli, rice, veggies, eggs, and well—you get the picture. There’s no denying that this “bro science” approach to dieting works, but the real question is: is it worth it? After years of making bodybuilders miserable “If It Fits Your Macros” was born. IIFYM is thus a way to improve one’s body composition by not solely relying on clean foods.

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