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MS.DEAR Color Removal Sponge – Dry Makeup Brush Quick Cleaner Sponge – Removes Shadow Color from Your Brush Without Water or Chemical Solutions – Compact Size for Travel


If you like to change eye shadow colors often without washing the brushes.

If you hate cleaning them, getting them wet, waiting for them to dry and then they never go back to shape.

Are you still frustrated of using multiple brushes when applying eye shadow?

Are you still clean your brushes with paper towel when switching to the next color?

Try this magic sponge. It works like magic!!! Every make up lover needs one! They never use the same brush rule no more. In between switching colors, all you have to do is swipe the brush a couple times on the black sponge and they’re clean! Super easy to use.


– Quickly to change colors of shadow and blush

– You can use the same brush for a different color

– Easy to wash and does not damage your brushes

– Save you time, makes putting on your makeup faster

– You do not have to wash your eye shadow brushes as often

– Removes color from your brush simply and quickly without any liquid

– Change colors without getting the brush wet and waiting the drying time

Use it to clean your brushes between colors when doing your makeup.

When you want to change eye shadow color, it really works well without having to blend in the previous color.

The black sponge cleans off your eye shadow brushes with just a few swipes so you can move from shade to shade quickly. It also cleans off your face powder & blush brushes too.

The black sponge takes all the powder off your brushes, even dark sparkly eye shadow is removed.

Used for brush color removal, can not replace daily cleaning. Between colors or after your done! Brushes are wiped clean, great until you do your thorough brush cleaning.

Package: 1* Makeup brushes cleaner sponge

Product Features

  • THE QUICK CHANGE IS LIFESAVER – Even you use high-pigment eye shadow, you just ran the brush back and forth across the sponge a few times, and then ran it across the sponge a few more times, it really remove all remaining color on the brush quickly and effectively, so that you can immediately use it for another color and that helps speed up your makeup process.
  • SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY – No more wiping them on a towels, wipes or tissues before using the next eye shadow color! It a good temporary alternative instead of having to wash the brush with soap and water every single time. This doesn’t replace cleansing your brushes though, but it is a good quick solution for switching colors on the same brush.
  • COLOR REMOVAL WITHOUT WATER OR CHEMICAL SOLUTION – You just take your dirty brush in between colors and brush it back and forth to get the old color off and move onto your next color. The excess powder will drop into the charcoal filter in a metal tin. No liquid or soap, no more chemicals on your brush or contacting your skin.
  • EFFICIENT AND REUSABLE – Both sides of the black sponge are usable. The sponge could be washed and reused, efficient and environmental. The sponge is very easy to clean, just run under water with a bit of soap and allow to dry. You only need to clean it about once a week.
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR TRAVELING – This is the perfect size for any makeup kit, beauty drawer, or for traveling. The convenient compact tin is very sturdy & the lid closes nice & secure. The black sponge can clean your brushes quickly and keeps your makeup bag clean and smudge free!

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