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Reverse Dieting (How To Break A Long-Term Weight Loss Plateau)


This video was filmed to help out a subscriber, but I know that there are many people out there that have suffered from a slowed metabolism due to an extende…

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No More Yo-Yo Dieting–10 Healthy Habits for Success


If you want to be done with yo-yo dieting and unused gym memberships once and for all, check out this video and then visit my blog I per…

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The Dangers of Dieting: A Conversation With David Katz MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP


A brief interview with Dr. David Katz on the dangers of dieting and how one can healthily obtain life and vitality without fixating on weight loss. Dr. Katz …

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Swedenborg & Gurdjieff: The Missing Links (Anti-Intuitive Essays for Personal Transformation)


A potent little book for those who feel that the currently available spiritual paths are not enough. The author does not sugar-coat the process of true spiritual transformation. You will be called upon to come to terms with yourself as you discover the things that always get in the way of your true spiritual progress. Armed with this special knowledge, you can gain the inside track and have a fighting chance toward reaching your God-given human potential.

These essays offer many stinging revelations that will challenge your strongest beliefs to the very bone and take you completely out of your comfort zone. Such anti-intuitive revelations will convince you that:
– Being famous or enjoying elite status won’t help you!
– Going to church won’t help you!
– Eating healthy foods and exercising won’t help you!
– Living an outwardly civil or moral life won’t even help you!

This book is not about becoming a citizen of the world; it’s about becoming a citizen of heaven, which is why God created each of us. We have failed to grasp this divine goal as a personal obligation and responsibility in our own lives.

Modern life has provided humankind with knowledge about practically everything. But we really don’t know ourselves. Because of this, the world is full of perplexing problems and atrocities. Even seemingly rational and good-natured individuals have no clue as to the real obstacles that stand in the way of harmonious living.

Based on the spiritual influences of Emanuel Swedenborg and George Gurdjieff, the ideas in this book will help you identify what these obstacles are. These new insights will have an unsettling effect on your self-image, but allow you to rise above your current biological self. An essential read for anyone who takes their spiritual transformation seriously.

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The Personal Transformation Project: Part 1 How to Feel Awesome! (How to Be…Happier, Motivated, Healthier, Confident, Positive and Relaxed)


This book is a compilation of the 6 book series “The Personal Transformation Project: Part 1 How to Feel Awesome!” It includes the following books: *How to Be Happier: A Blueprint for Creating More Joy in Your Life *How to Be Motivated: A Blueprint for Increasing Your Motivation *How to Be Healthier: A Blueprint for Creating a Healthy Lifestyle *How to Be Confident: A Blueprint for Increasing Your Self-Confidence *How to Be Positive: A Blueprint for Developing a Positive Attitude *How to Be Relaxed: A Blueprint for Reducing Stress in Your Life This series is a set of books designed to help build a foundation in one’s quest for more success, happiness and real change in one’s life. It is written (from a very real perspective) by a “regular” woman losing 100+ pounds who has found herself on a journey of transformation along the way. If you’re ready to create real change in your own life, then “The Personal Transformation Project: Part 1 How to Feel Awesome!”is for you!

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Motivational Quotes Collection: 3000 Inspirational & Successful Quotes To Get You Motivated Every Day


A man’s life is a product of his thoughts. Think positive thoughts and good things come our way; think negative thoughts and bad things happened to us. Our minds our very powerful that it attracts the very thing we constantly think of whether it is our fears, dreams, goals or anxieties.

Knowing how important having the right mind set is to be successful and happy in life, what do we do to help us think of the right thoughts everyday? What do we do to inspire ourselves to think positively?

Let “Motivational Quotes Collection: 3000 Inspirational & Successful Quotes To Get You Motivated Every Day” be your daily dose of inspiration everyday. Let the quotes found here serve as your words of encouragement as you go in this journey we call life.

Presented here are thousands of quotes about leadership, success, perseverance, determination and on other topics that will motivate you to live out your highest ideals in life and reach your goals.Surely, you will be able to find a beautiful quote that mirrors your current state.

So have a copy of this eBook today and be inspired by these quotes!

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The 8 Pillars of Motivation


The concept in this book is simple: The source of all motivation comes from inside you and everyone can believe and empower this source. The author shows you how to do that in practical actionable steps with the 8 pillars. 

When you buy the book, the author invites you to take advantage of the FREE 21-Step Confidence Building program that she created specifically for those that want to make the ideas in this book into a habit.
The book shows you how to get motivated and stay motivated because that is the key in finding your life purpose, and when you clearly define that purpose, you can stop your obsessive goal-setting (and failing) patterns and move effortlessly towards your desires.

Effortlessly. Not with pain and a lot of “self-discipline” and pushing and shoving. But effortlessly.
When you awaken this source of power inside of you:
You will be motivated to work, to create, to bring ideas to life.
You will be motivated to get healthy and vibrant and get in your ideal shape.
You will be motivated to start that business or write that book.
You will be motivated to get out of debt and build your wealth.
You will be motivated to solve your problems.
You will be motivated to be a role model for your family, friends and community.

The author takes you through the 8 pillars of motivation to help you push past the resistance that comes up when you want to do the things you crave but still get stuck.

When you zone in on your true motivation, you will feel a surge of energy from within.

When you tap into your own natural source of motivation, it will feed on itself and you don’t need outside factors to constantly replenish it.

When you feel this way, you become unstoppable.

In this book, the author tells you about 8 pillars of true motivation that have transformed her life and she articulates how you can do them in your life. These pillars will empower you to forget goals and deadlines and milestones. They will unlock the door to your real potential – what you are really meant to do in life.

So now, with 8 Pillars of Motivation, find answers to your original question: “Where do I find the motivation?” The answer lies within you! The work is in the 8 pillars.
For more on Farnoosh Brock, check out:

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INSPIRING AND MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES: Over 1000 of the Most Uplifting Quotes and Sayings in 44 Different Categories!


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
– Mark Twain

Do you ever feel lost or down and in need of some uplifting words and inspiration to help get you through?

Do you ever find yourself in need of guidance and motivation wherever you may be?

What if you could have a collection of quotes by some of the most influential people, past and present, to help direct you through certain situations?

Featuring OVER A THOUSAND of the MOST INSPIRATIONAL AND MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES, conveniently divided into 44 EASY TO NAVIGATE categories, this collection has absolutely EVERYTHING you need to be INSPIRED!

The 44 categories are listed below:

Adversity and Difficulties
Be Yourself
Knowledge Learning and Wisdom

DON’T MISS OUT!! This is a MUST HAVE collection that will make the most difficult obstacles seem EASY and INSPIRE you to achieve your dreams!!

“We must act.”
– Marie Curie

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Frogs Motivational Stickers


Ribbet! Ribbet! These fun, frog stickers are a small, fun way to brighten a student’s day. Perfect for reward or recognition, these 1″ x 1″ motivational stickers come 120 per pack and are acid free and lignin free!

Product Features

  • 7.5L 4.75W 0.06D

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Personal Transformation: 60 Days To Neverland – A True Motivational Journey Of Man’s Personal Transformation (1)


It All Begins With Desire

When describing a personal transformation, many scholars throughout history have written about a motivational place that exists in the hearts and minds of mankind that can be found with a simple desire to want something more from life, and having the willful intention to seek out the truth. For centuries, the key to unraveling this mystery was a safely guarded secret, and it was not until more recent times, where these motivational and inspirational teachings emerged from individuals like Napoleon Hill, who introduced a new thought movement that would forever change the world.

Although, it has been called many things, Douglas W. Guy refers to his awakening as his Never-land, and invites you along on this 60 Day motivational journey to witness the events that would forever alter his life. As you follow his footsteps, you’ll discover the individual paths he took that were essential to uncover his one true destiny. Along these paths you’ll learn how to apply the knowledge he’s learned through his daily journal entries or short stories as he likes to call them, where each has a valuable lesson that can help you along your path to personal growth and discovery. This book challenges you to answer the question; what was I put here to do?

By taking the time each day over the next 60 days to record what is happening in your life, you’ll begin to appreciate its fullness with this spiritual new thought process. Creating these daily records allows you to slow things down, and analyze your thoughts and emotions in a different light. They will enhance your personal growth, and serve as your daily motivational and inspirational affirmations that are absolutely essential to your personal transformation. It enables you to put things into perspective, and discover what is meaningful, or what is not. It teaches you to be grateful for all the things you have in life, and helps you notice all the beauty that surrounds you always that may have once obscured your vision. No matter what your current circumstances, or situation may be right now, traveling 60 Days To Never-land will forever change your life too!

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