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G World 3pc Feline Provocateur. Leopard Pink, One Size


Cut Out Strappy Dress With Zipper Front And Bling Details. Open Rear View With Adjustable Straps. Includes Thong And Stockings. Color: Leopard Pink. One Size.

Product Features

  • 88% Polyamide, 12% Spandex

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The Relationship Principles of Jesus


What would you give to radically improve, even transform, what matters most in your relationships? How about forty days of your time? In forty days, bring new depth and health to your marriage, your family, and your friendships. Six weeks to explore and implement six foundational principles that Jesus taught and lived. You’ll be equipped with insights and a practical path for fulfilling God’s intention for all your relationships—even the difficult ones. Shaped after Rick Warren’s monumental bestseller, The Purpose Driven Life, this book invites you to learn from the Master of relationships. The Relationship Principles of Jesus will profoundly shape how you view relationships.

Product Features

  • Christian Life
  • Relationships
  • The Relationship Principles of Jesus
  • Tom Holladay

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Are you archetypal, well-liked? The Perfect Gentleman wants to make you into his perfect woman.

Are you busy, overextended? The Great Guy shows up to save the day, then uses you as his ticket to a long vaca.

Are you hardworking, responsible? The Wounded Man wants you to make all his troubles disappear.

Are you accomplished, connected? The Fun Seeker has his eye on your address book and your bank account.

These scenarios entrap wonderful women all day long. Why? Because they never see it coming. Why? Because they’re relationship illiterate.

Toxic Relationships–An Ecosystem

Have you entered a world where love causes pain, effort yields failure and tears bring contempt? Do logic and intuition not apply and appeals to fairness fall on deaf ears? You’re in trouble!

The cons of abusers go undetected–that’s how they get in. The tools of abuse are powerful–that’s why they work.

Anna Moss calls abusive relationships “the other cancer” because they strike at the same rate as the biological disease–and they reoccur if conditions don’t change.

Using neuroscience, psychology and discernment, this relationship guide maps out how predators are made, how a woman becomes prey and how she can change her prey status if she wants to.

Self-Help For Women

This guide brings context, insight and strategy to bear on the growing problem of toxic relationships.

Moss does not give advice, but shows how relationship literacy opens eyes and saves lives. Misery forums and quick fixes may feel good, but they don’t give you strength; mindset changes and self activity do!

An Abused Woman No More

If you think you are doomed, ruined or have failed because of relationship trauma, think again. If you’ve got a pulse, you’ve got a chance. This guide takes you through key fundamentals, psychological concepts, mindset dynamics, myth busting, self assessment, exit strategies, resources, stories and statistics–all about dysfunctional relationships.

Different From Other Relationship Books

In the words of one reader, “She goes deeper into it than any other book on the subject.”

A former technical writer for Microsoft, Moss draws on firsthand experience, critical thinking and nerves of steel to decode the human evil in abuse–and she comes out swinging:
Taking issue with practices that tolerate abuseExposing the “financial death penalty”Connecting the dots between trauma and devianceHammering home the truth of animal cruelty Making a case for massive change in dealing with perpsOffering solutions anyone can implement Moss does not just describe what toxic individuals do and say, she opens up their skulls to decode what drives them and what it means to their partners and society.

No Substitute for Experience

Her guide delivers over 400 detailed examples from real life–no extrapolation, no sugar coating.

The untouched will see what could be in store for her (abuse), her children (violence), her pets or livestock (torture), her assets (control), her social life (isolation), her work life (sabotage) and more.

Those who have been touched will get clarity, compassion and validation. Each reader will get new tools for her toolbox.

Turning the Tables

By the last page of the book, you will be equipped to read people and connect the dots in any setting. Daily life will become revelatory. Two things will start to happen: the cast of characters in your life and your relationships with them will change–for the better.

This Amazon #1 bestseller will empower you to identify abuse, understand entrapment, self assess, extricate yourself and move forward.

If that is what you want, take a look inside and get the book today.

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Relationship Advice For Women And Men: A Deeper Love


In the midst of failing relationships and high divorce rates, how can we develop better relationship skills? As a relationship counselor and personal development coach, Jason Hairston provides tools for readers to implement in order to achieve healthier relationships with self and others.

In this life changing book you will learn…
* How to love yourself more.
* How to let go of baggage from the past.
* How to develop healthier relationships with others.

The result of reading this book will lead to more fulfilling relationships expressed through a deeper love.

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Duck Dynasty Robertson Family Moments: Blessings, Words of Wisdom, Trivia Quizzes, the Last Word (Duck Dynasty Family Series)


Relive Robertson Family moments in this fun Duck Dynasty book.

$1.99 SALE Ends Oct. 31

Duck Dynasty (Seasons One, Two & Three) packed into one book for a walk down memory lane.

Here’s What You Get:

1) Funny, quirky summaries of each episode

2) Phil’s nightly blessing

3) Willie’s words of wisdom

4) the Last Word(s)

5) Trivia Quiz for each season

Note: I had a blast putting this book together for you!

I hope you smile and laugh as much as I did. ~ darlene :)

Willie’s “Words of Wisdom” Sampling

“The key is not to get discouraged thinking of all the wrong turns you’ve made, you just have to keep on keepin’ on.”

“The bottom line is if you want an idea to succeed, you have to take a risk because the only investments guaranteed not to pay off are the ones you never made.”

“Being a good family man is often an exercise in patience. I mean getting through to a loved one can be as difficult as getting a couch through a door. Except there is no return policy for indecisive mothers, spoiled brothers, or uncles with donut food comas.”

Quiz Questions Sampling

* Jase says “Redneck Rule #1” is that most things can be fixed with what?

* When Si decides he needs a new hunting dog, what kind does he get?

* The last time Phil remembers firing up a barbeque grill, who was president?

If you are a DUCK DYNASTY Fan, you’ll love this book!

Grab Your Copy NOW

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Relationship Questions: Dating Questions for a Healthy Relationship


Asking the right questions means finding the right person!

Want a good relationship? The secret to a good relationship is asking the right questions in the very beginning. Never fall in love with losers again by really learning how to screen out the weirdos from the beautiful people. Its important to know someone before you get attached to the idea of being with them romantically. This book will give you the tools to really know someone before taking the dive and avoid all the relationship troubles most people go through. “Relationship Questions” has over 600 powerful and fun questions to ask that person of interest to you. Instead of finding out things years later, get to know them now and never be surprised again!

Asking the right questions means finding the right person!

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Aromatherapy Course for Beginners: Essential Oil Basics

0220 Half hour free aromatherapy course for beginners. Jen goes over essential oil basics; the necessary stuff you need to know to get star…

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Spa and Salon Beauty with Benefits with Aromatherapy Associates


Aromatherapy AssociatesAromatherapy Associates use only the finest quality essential oils extracted from plants grown without added colour or synthetic prese…

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Aromatherapy for Breast Cancer Recovery


Breast Cancer Yoga Presents Healthy & Hopeful Lifestyle Video Series Aromatherapy for Breast Cancer Recovery http://twitter….

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34. Hope Sabbath School: “Reformation–Healing Broken Relationships” (Complete) PBMC


[Derek Morris] A group interactive study of the Bible. This week the group will focus on restored relationships. The greatest demonstration of the power of t…

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