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JBlue Jewelry Men’s His & Hers Couples Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace Love Valentine (with Gift Bag)


Jblue Fashion – High quality Jewelry

Discover the Jblue fashion Collection of jewelry. The selection of high-quality jewelry featured in the Jblue fashion Collection offers Great values at affordable Price, they mainly made of high quality Stainless Steel, Tungsten, Silver and Leather.

Find a special gift for a loved one or a beautiful piece that complements your personal style with jewelry from the Jblue fashion Collection.

Product Features

  • Size: 0.87 x 1.18 inch
  • Size: 22 x 30 mm
  • Please check out 1000s Jewelries we offer
  • comes with a beautiful “JBLUE” Black Gift Bag

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DUMAN Fashion Jewelry 925 Silver Plated Earrings Rhinestone Imperial Crown Earrings Dangle Earrings Valentine’s day, Christmas Gifts


DUMAN Silver Jewelry is an ideal choice to reflect your character.

Product Features

  • Quantity: 1 Pair
  • Size:2.7*1.2cm
  • Weight:6g
  • Material: 925 Silver
  • Come with DUMAN Jewelry Box

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DUMAN 925 Solid Silver Plated Ring Nickel Free Fashion Jewelry Weave Adjustable Ring Valentine’s day, Christmas Gifts


DUMAN Silver Jewelry is an ideal choice to reflect your character.

Product Features

  • Quantity: 1 pc
  • Size can be adjusted
  • Weight:5g
  • Material: 925 Silver Plated
  • Come with DUMAN Jewelry Box

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Fashion Plaza 18k White Gold Plated Use Swarovski Crystal Wedding Engagement Ring R62


Brand New and High Quantity,It is a beautiful item ,You can wear it when you go dating,at the wedding,go to the party,even in everyday situation, It is a great gift for yourself or a loved one,Unique fashion ring .the Stone Made by Crystal,High Quality 18k Gold ElectroPlated.
*The shipping charge varies according to the quantity. The postage is 2.00 dollars for one package plus 1.99 dollars for per item.

Product Features

  • High quality Popular rings
  • Main Stone Diameter:0.24inches
  • Perfect for Gift Giving!
  • mother’s day gift ,free gift box

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Sterling Silver Simulated Diamond Band Ring, Size 7


Product Features

  • Made in China

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The Proposition (Billionaire Boss) a SEXY erotic romance short


Megan is amazed when her fabulously rich and handsome boss decides to give her a very no-strings, very sexual proposition. She already found him highly desirable and he’d certainly assured her that no matter her answer, he’d respect it. So what was it going to be?

Popular erotica writer Lucia Jordan brings you another hot and sexy short!
This short story contains adult content and hot sex so only check it out if you are ready to get very, very excited.

Contains bonus passage from first book in the new ‘Bound’ series.


Oh fuck he’s hot, she thought, as she shook hands with Heath Mayer. She’d heard about their chief exec being quite the hunk, but did anyone have the right to be so freaking sexy? He just had to breathe and he was any girl’s hottest fantasy.

Above six feet tall, wide shoulders, narrow waist – all round solid, hard. He had the kind of arresting face you’d see on any of those high fashion men’s magazines. Brooding good looks with the chiseled jaw and smoky eyes. His were a piercing grey, with hair so dark it seemed to have blue streaks in them. He had on a three piece suit that fit him perfectly, and gave the impression that his clothes cost more than Megan earned in a year.

“This is Miss Kerry,” her superior, the VP of sales and marketing, was saying as he introduced her to the owner and CEO of the company.

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Lexie’s First Time – A Prequel to Borrowed Billionaire and Billionaire Novelist (Erotic Romance)


Before Lexie met her billionaire, Luthor Thorne, she was once a high school virgin, desperate to be touched.

Eager and curious about being with a real-life boy, as opposed to her go-to imaginary hunk Freddie Prinze Jr., she meets up with an unlikely candidate, and has a first time, of sorts.

She gains confidence, but not quite all the experience she was seeking.

That summer, between high school and college, she takes a job with a family friend, cleaning cabins.

She meets a man who’s trying to write his first detective novel, but seems more interested in getting to know his housekeeper. He’s still going by the first name of David, but Lexie convinces him to use his much sexier middle name, and become Smith Wittingham.

Smith Wittingham’s first act as a new author is to help alleviate young Lexie of her … curiosity.

Lexie’s First Time is a 10,500 WORD SHORT STORY. (About 42 pages.) The events take place 8 years before the beginning of Lexie’s series, Borrowed Billionaire, and 9 years before Smith’s series, Billionaire Novelist. There are also appearances by characters from Laura’s Two Ice Cream Boys.

This tale may be read as a stand-alone short story.

**CONTAINS GRAPHIC SEX SCENES of an erotic nature – Recommended for adults only.**

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story is also available as part of Mimi’s awesome 4-story boxed set collection, “Bliss – Four Stories about Losing It.”
BLISS (click Mimi’s name above to do a quick search for that book) includes:
#1 Losing It After a Day at the Beach
#2 Two Hot People Had Sex and They Totally Liked It
#3 Dating the Goblin King (A Labyrinth Parody)
#4 Lexie’s First Time
These four titles are also all available separately.

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Saving Grace (Serve and Protect Series)


After wrecking her car and waking in hospital with amnesia, fledgling reporter Grace Morgan has no idea why she’d been in the process of leaving the husband she loves so dearly. Her husband, Police Detective Ray (Razor) Morgan tells her she was leaving him for another man, but that just can’t be so. Can it? She’s determined to remember, even if it kills her. And it just might. When bullets start to fly, Ray is forced to take the wife he believes faithless on the lam until they can figure out who is trying to kill them.

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Secret Words (Secret Dreams Contemporary Romance 1)


A steamy and sweet stand-alone novel that will touch the core of your heart.

When Jasmine Allen met Kane Summers in the unlikeliest of places, she wasn’t expecting the swift and immediate attraction she felt for him. But Jasmine had a secret she wasn’t at all comfortable sharing with anyone, least of all, the hunky guy who was literally sweeping her off her feet.

Kane Summers was a sucker for damsels in distress. When he found himself wanting to protect Jasmine Allen in more ways than one, the instant chemistry they had for each other hit him squarely in the chest. But Kane’s life was complicated, and he wasn’t totally free to act on the fascination he felt for her.

Kane and Jasmine were fighting a losing battle to stay away from each other. But circumstances — and certain people — beyond their control were very much intent on keeping them apart.

How could they find their way past secrets and malicious intents to nurture a love that, if given the chance, could last a lifetime?


Each book in the Secret Dreams series is a complete stand-alone novel that would give you enjoyment on its own. However, to enhance your experience of this series, the author recommends reading them in order.

Secret Words is the first of four steamy and sweet books from the Secret Dreams Contemporary Romance series.

(This book is for adults only. It contains hot sexual content.)

Download your copy and start enjoying Secret Words.

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The Women’s Health Initiative at 10


The Women’s Health Initiative was a groundbreaking study, but it became center of news and controversy on July 9, 2002, when one of its arms was stopped afte…

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