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Ruby Portwood, Mail Order Bride: A collection of Mail Order Bride & Amish Romance


Texas. Two years ago Ruby Portwood had never even left her home state of Georgia – and now here she was, over a thousand miles away in an unfamiliar state, in a town she didn’t’ know, and about to meet a man she had only ever corresponded with by letter.
Her gut twisted as her eyes flickered across the dingy strain station. It was like something was trying to claw its way out of her insides, sharp claws slicing at her stomach. Swallowing, Ruby tried to the uneasiness rising inside of her. She had to find her husband-to-be; all she had was a grainy photograph of a tall man with dark hair and sharp cheekbones. Ruby dug around in her pockets, searching for that tiny piece of paper. Her pockets were empty. Her heart sank.
The train station, dark and grimy, quickly emptied as the other passengers disembarked. Soon enough she was one of only a handful of people still waiting, their bored faces blending into each other as Ruby scrutinised. They all looked the same, each face identical and forgettable. Her fiance, Derek, was nowhere to be found.
He had died in a tragic accident.
And now there was someone to take his place…

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