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Shells 2Pack Cloth Magic Clip French Twist Hairstyle Donut Bun Former Maker Hairstyle Must-haves Tool, Black Color


How To Use:

1. Tie your hair into a ponytail. High ponytail recommends for a classy and girly look; Low ponytail recommeneds for a French Twist hairstyple.add a hair rope to tie hair end part if your hair is uneven in length.
2. Place ponytail into hair band. tighten hair band and pull down to perhaps the last quarter of your ponytail.
3. Start rolling hair sponge up towards the top of your head.
4. Bend the ends of the hair band down to secure bun.
5. Move your hair and confirm it covers the band. 3 or 5 bobby pins requires to fixed hairstyle and tiny hairs.
6. Give it a puff of hairspray (optional) and you’re all set.
7. Decorate with hair accessories if you like.

Note:Shells Group are always willing to work things out to meet your satisfaction. We value every customer and guarantee satisfaction. please feel free to contact us the first time you got questions about our products.

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Product Features

  • About Shells:Shells Group concentrate on providing reliable quality comsumer goods with affortable price.
  • Material:silk cloth, in special metal wire(hair stick, rubber protective layer) has strong plasticity and bending.
  • Perfect for medium and long length hair, bobby pins requires to fixed hairstyle if needed. (pins not included)
  • Comfortable and lightweight,could be reused.
  • Package including: 2 X big size black color head band;

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