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Spiritual Surgery: A journey of healing mind, body and spirit


As an artist and child of Holocaust survivors, Rabbi Cantor Eva shares how healing can be found in the creative and artistic endeavors. She presents a unique and innovative concept, ‘spiritual healing,’that opens up possibilities for anyone searching to mend the brokenness in their lives. Through the traveling sanctuary (Tabernacle/Mishkan) in the Bible, that accompanied the Israelite slaves after leaving Egypt, we come to learn how a people could be transformed and experience healing of mind, body and spirit, while providing a home for the Divine presence. After presenting an in-depth overview of the rabbinic commentary on the meaning and importance of the Mishkan, she reveals a new pathway to understand the impact both on the people who created it, and on all of us, inheritors of its potent power. The Bible, rich in stories of the ancients, can be studied and understood on many levels and Rabbi Eva demonstrates how one of the key narratives is pregnant with meaning and significance. She opens our eyes and our hearts to potentiality and perhaps even a new pathway of healing. The need for spiritual surgery, that she explores in her spiritual memoir (to be published 2018), is ever present for many who have confronted trauma, loss, grief or suffering in their lives. Journey with her, in this book, towards a new understanding of creativity and opening the heart.

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