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Stuck in a Rut?: How to get off the bones of your butt, turn yourself around and lead the life you truly want in just 12 months. (Self Help Book Series)


‘Stuck in a Rut’ will help 2 types of people:

1. Someone whom has experienced massive set backs and has lost their ‘mojo’.

2. A person that has decided to coast in life, not willing to take up nature’s unlimited abundance…. but, knows they should.

This self help book provides you with a way back to the ‘main street’ in life. It provides a route map via 11 Chapters, that will get you back on your feet in double quick time, so that you can lay down some serious challenges for yourself to achieve going forward.

This self help manifesto details the exact steps you should take, so that you can smash your limiting beliefs and create your own breakthrough and bounce back higher than ever before.

Each Chapter acts like a jigsaw piece, so that when you get to the end, your puzzle is complete and your transformation to high achiever is complete.

Finally, whether it’s a major boost or a small reminder, ‘Stuck in a Rut’, will help you feel better, have more energy and simply be complete.

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