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Sunling 316L Stainless Steel Aromatherapy Home Car Essential Oil Diffuser Locket Clip 10 Washable Felt Pads


How to use this product?
Place a few drops of your favorite oil on one of the diffuser pads. Open the locket, place the pad inside and enjoy the scent for several days. Oils typically continue to diffuse for several days before needing to reapply.Put it in the car or the room. It would be awesome choice to be a gift for the one you love and the one love you.
What is the benefits of having a diffuser charm?
Having a diffuser charm is a very convenient way to enjoy aromatherapy benefits without carrying bottles.You will have the fresh and nice smell around you the all day.

Product Features

  • Feel sick of the stuffy air in a closed car or small room? use this diffuser clip to drop some oil to create some fresh air for you and the people arond you
  • It is a tool which can hold the perfume a few drops of your favorite oil on one of the diffuser pad,put it in car,room,office or other suitable places. wash or change the pad several days later after the smell become weak
  • It is solid and entirely hypoallergenic,and water proof with reasonable pricing, you can have it for a lifetime,Dont miss it
  • 316 stainless steel material,30mm diameter round,perfect hand-polished finished
  • Come with10 refill pads and a nice bag

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