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The Death of Dieting: Lose Weight, Banish Allergies, and Feed Your Body What It Needs To Thrive!


Double Your Weight Loss Efforts Without Feeling Confused Or Overwhelmed!

What if changing a few key habits with your daily food choices could accelerate your weight loss and increase your energy levels by 2-3x? Then imagine your surprise if you also understood how to maintain your weight at a healthy level of your choosing finally getting off the diet roller coaster for good!

It’s all in here and more!

Best selling author and weight loss expert Christopher J. Kidawski has spent the last 15 years uncovering the cold hard facts on why diets fail. Spoiler alert!!!! Diets by their very nature are unsustainable and do not address the correct mechanisms responsible for weight gain in the first place. Kidawski’s methods have been tested and re-tested in the trenches on Navy SEALs, Professional Football players, Mixed Martial Arts athletes, and your normal every day Mom and Pop.

In this book you’ll learn:

• How our body’s structures actually become what you eat.

• Why specific fats, especially saturated fat is necessary for proper weight maintenance.

• Why you need to eat more cholesterol and the best natural sources of it to keep your numbers within a healthy range.

• Which carbohydrates are a catalyst for your health and which will leave you feeling bloated, sick, tired, and depressed.

• How our gut talks to our brain telling it to crave sugar, and how to destroy that signal for good!

• Which fruits are poison, which fruits are healthy, and when to eat them for optimum benefit.

• How and when to use sugar in your diet for rapid fat loss, or consistent muscle growth.

• How to feed your body and be content with only two meals per day!

• BONUS: You can even contact Chris via email for a free 80/20 audit where he will show you how to do more of the stuff that’s working for you and eliminate everything else that is not!

And that’s just scratching the surface!

You won’t find any endorsements from doctors, or nutritionists here, and the foreword was even written by one of his clients.

If you have been struggling with weight loss, plateaus, food sensitivities, low energy levels, a nonexistent libido, skin irritations, or the dreaded yet common thyroid problem then look no further; your struggle is over!

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