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Weight Loss For Women: 2 Manuscripts: Intermittent Fasting For Women,Keto For Women- Crack the Code of Health and Get Rid of Obesity Forever. Learn the … Dieting Psychology and Stay Motivated!


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2 Books in 1…

2 Diets in 1!

Are you struggling with health and weight troubles?
Can’t succeed in getting rid of belly fat?
Do you want to prevent or reverse bad chronic diseases?
Then keep reading…

Say STOP to never-ending, useless fad diets.

Say STOP to lack of energy.

Say STOP to lack of motivation in pursuing the body of your dreams.

Say NO to the risk of developing obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and mental illnesses.

Say YES to this COMPREHENSIVE guide with which you’ll get rid of these troubles!  

Included in this books collection are:

Book 1: Intermittent Fasting For Women – How to Promote Weight Loss through Autophagy, Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind, Prevent Diabetes and Live Healthy: A Step By Step Guide even for Beginners

The Culturally Rich History of Fasting

10+ Health Benefits When You Practice Intermittent Fasting

In-Depth Looks at Various Fasting Techniques

The 5 Popular Misconceptions about Intermittent Fasting and Why They’re Wrong AT ALL

Deep Examination of Intermittent Fasting and Diabetes

6+ Metabolism-Skyrocketing Workouts To Combine With Intermittent Fasting

In-Depth Look at the Ketogenic Diet and Ketosis

A List of More Than 35 Fast-Friendly Foods

How Fasting Not Only Affects Our Bodies but Minds As Well

Seven-Day Guide for a Beginner’s Intermittent Fasting Practice

Book 2: Keto For Women – The Ultimate Low Carb Diet for Rapid Weight Loss, Improve Memory and Mental Clarity, Prevent or Reverse Cancer and Living Healthy: The Step By Step Guidebook even for Beginners

4+ Reasons Why Women Struggle with their Body and Health

7+ Health Benefits You Will Get Following the Keto Diet, aside Fat Loss

What Foods are the Best for You to Consume and which Foods you Should Run From…

The COMPREHENSIVE Shopping List of More Than 82 Foods, and How to Choose Them at the Grocery Store or Supermarket (Health-Friendly Tips)

Mindset Tips to Stay Motivated

67+ Easy, Fast, Ridiculously Delicious Recipes

Fourteen Days Sample Menu to Get You Started on Your New Journey

These two manuscripts are all you need to be successful in your journey to wellness.

Combine 2 of the most effective diets in 1 powerful weapon against weight gain, body sickness and mental aging!
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